Mike has been a speaker or panelist at the MIT Enterprise Forum's Smart Start Program, WPI Venture Forum, Tufts University, Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Merrimac Valley (MA) Venture Forum, Upper Valley (NH) Computer Industry Association, Capital Venue, Harvard, Harvard Extension School, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Boston University, Northeastern University's School of Technological Entrepreneurship, The CEO Place, GeoCon (conference on doing business in the US) and Bentley College's Summer International University.

His talks include:

  • For founders of early stage companies
    1. Financial statement information entrepreneurs need to know
    2. Financing early stage companies
    3. Bootstrapping your business
    4. What investors want from entrepreneurs
    5. Financial and operating issues faced by early stage companies
  • For founders dealing with stock issues
    1. Capitalization tables – what do they mean and how do they work.
    2. How many shares should founders distribute
  • For business owners who need to understand their own financial statements
    1. Financial statements, from the basics to advanced – from what is a balance sheet to dynamic, probabilistic modeling
    2. Gaps in GAAP
    3. How do you generate financial statements
    4. Deciphering the numbers – how to read your financials
  • For CEO’s who need to develop financial projections
    1. Forecasts and pro forma financial statements, including sensitivity analyses and testing for covenant compliance
    2. How to make the annual financial plan even better
  • For CEO’s who do the detail calculations
    1. ROI – how businesses really calculate the “return on investment”
    2. Financial bonuses – how they are calculated
  • For CEO’s about to sell their companies
    1. Financial due diligence in software companies


  • For overseas investors
    1. Starting a high technology business in the United states
  • For the business owner concerned about cash
    1. Your cash flow health index
    2. Find the cash hidden in your business
    3. 100 financial war stories – a view from the trenches
  • For lawyers
    1. What lawyers should look for in their clients’ financial statements


  • For consultants
    1. How to market your services and develop your products
  • For directors
    1. Why become a director of a high technology company
    2. What is wrong with management’s board reports