Test Your IQ

Should you evaluate your company's financial management? Yes, if you work with a company as a Director, investor, lender, service provider, officer or manager. Take Mike's IQ test.

Yes No   Give you the financial results on the 1st or 2nd of the month?
Yes No   Spend smart?
Yes No   Know what's really in inventory?
Yes No   Send invoices for everything they sell?
Yes No   Send invoices promptly?
Yes No   Translate forecasts into actions?
Yes No   Give you a realistic, short-term cash forecast each month?
Yes No   Focus on cash flow, not sales?
Yes No   Talk comfortably about the financial picture?
Yes No   Book only those sales which are rock solid?
Yes No   Keep most accounts payable current, updating you on past due items?
Yes No   Understand the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?
Yes No   Know which costs are fixed, and the contribution from each sale?
Yes No   Admit to and plan to correct the poor quality data in your data bases?
Yes No   Have a plan for adopting new technology?
Yes No   Collect receivables faster than stated credit terms?
Yes No   Have a contingency plan for meeting payroll when cash is tight?
Yes No   Reduce spending in anticipation of losses?
Yes No   Impress bankers as a good credit risk?
Yes No   Pay the payroll taxes first?

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 Your Score:

Management's Financial IQ™ Rating

  • Score 18-20 - Exceptional result. We would like to meet the managers and feature them in our speeches on cash.
  • Score 14-17 - Average. Company could benefit from stronger focus on cash and
    financial discipline.
  • Score 9-13 - Far, far below average. Company needs correction program
  • Score 0-8 - Failing. Financial controls non existent. High risk for officers and